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Τρίτη, 23 Οκτωβρίου 2012

Conference on Complementary and Alternative Medicine. Post-event reporting

This is where RiEN participated, GET INFORMED!!!!! read more here.

Following the Conference, EUROCAM issued a Call for Action to include:
  • Promotion of equitable access to CAM by all EU citizens.
  • Inclusion of CAM in all possible Community Actions dealing with health education and promotion, prevention and treatment of chronic disease, health inequalities, active and healthy ageing, and patients’ empowerment.
  • Encouraging EU Member States to explore ways in which CAM can contribute to sustainable healthcare systems in the EU.
  • To encourage the European Parliament to pressure the European Commission to propose the required draft directives or amendments to existing directives. It would ensure both freedom of establishment and freedom to provide services for providers of CAM to start a new initiative, in cooperation with the stakeholders concerned, for the regulations on the licensing.
The Call of Action also encourages the use of CAM medicinal products in Europe and in particular to act upon the suggestions outlined in the Commission’s experience report of 2008, notably that “the suitability of a separate legal framework for products of certain traditions should be assessed.”
A full report’s conference and pictures will be published shortly.