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Δευτέρα, 15 Οκτωβρίου 2012

LeBron James - The foot massage helped somehow.

O εξαδάκτυλος(!) LeBron James, περυσινός MVP του ΝΒΑ, φροντίζει το σώμα του με Ρεφλεξολογία ή foot massage όπως είναι γνωστή στην Ασία.

Six toe LeBron James last years NBA MVP takes care of his body with Reflexology or foot massage as it is known in Asia!

Could he be enjoying a foot massage again, after doing so with teammates Rashard Lewis and Udonis Haslem on their second day in town?

Impossible at the MasterCard Center, but James said he enjoys Chinese medicine.

"Oh man, we just try to take care of our bodies," James said with a flushed smile when asked whether his toes enjoyed the tough workout.

"It's a long season. It's a lot of travel and we try to just make sure we stay above the curve and take care of our bodies, so when the games come, we're ready to play," he said.

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But he is not the first and only athlete to entrust his body and sports career to Reflexology. I love this picture from the Touchpoint blog

After a session of roadwork in Central Park heavyweight champion Muhammad Ali turns his toes over to “foot reflexologist” Richard Minarik. Careful care may keep Ali floating “like a butterfly” when he meets Ken Norton in a championship fight at Yankee Stadium Tuesday night.
(AP Wirephoto) 1976

Στην Ελλάδα επίσης υπάρχουν πολλά παραδείγματα αθλητών και ομάδων που χρησιμοποιούν την Ρεφλεξολογία στον αθλητισμό. Κορυφαίο παράδειγμα θα είναι φέτος στον 30ο Κλασσικό μαραθώνιο Αθηνών όπου θα εργαστούν στον τερματισμό πάνω από 50 Ρεφλεξολόγοι του Σωματείου Ελλήνων Ρεφλεξολόγων (συνεργαζόμενοι φορείς) σπάζοντας το προηγούμενο ρεκόρ των 40 Ρεφλεξολόγων!