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Πέμπτη, 26 Σεπτεμβρίου 2013

World Reflexology Week 2013

This week is World Reflexology Week and we would like to wish everyone success in their scheduled projects.

If you have nothing planned try contacting your association, we are confident that they will have at least one promotional event sc...
hedualed. So participate and spread the word of Reflexology.

If you are shy, preoccupied or else, why not try this from home?

Upload a picture of your feet and break the record for the Largest Online Photo Album of Feet. You will get your very own digital certificate of participation and be in with the chance to make it into the record-books! We need 50,000 people to help us set a new official world record.

It could be classified as trivial, it could be also classified as fun.
Put up your feet with your own drawn in chart, or with your associations logo, or your school logo, or modalities logo, everything goes.
Share it too, and lets see what happens.

They have 1388 pictures but need 50.000 to break the Guiness world record.
Here is RiENs picture as an example.

Enjoy World Reflexology Week!