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Κυριακή, 2 Φεβρουαρίου 2014


NEWS - Join our exciting 

Madeira 9th-11th May 2014 

Have you ever wondered if reflexology is different in other parts of Europe? – Now is the time to find out!

Swapping treatments with other reflexologists is not only essential to our general wellbeing but it is also a wonderful learning experience. We are delighted to announce that alongside the conference we will be running a treatment swap area in the beautiful grounds of the Pestana Casino Park Hotel, Fuchal, Madeira.

This will be place for healing and sharing of knowledge,
a place where ALL REFLEXOLOGISTS however new or old to reflexology will be welcome.

You do not have to be a delegate at the conference to attend this ‘Reflexology boot camp’, all we ask is that you are staying in the hotel where we have a very special rate.

For Hotel information contact Elisabete Castro and say you are attending the RiEN activities -

However, we do have a wonderful conference planned, so why not make the most of this opportunity and attend both.

For conference details please visit –

If you are interested in attending the ‘Reflexology Boot Camp’
please email Sally Earlam–