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Σάββατο, 3 Μαΐου 2014

Ann Romney Talks of Her Struggle With MS

So began Mrs. Romney's life with multiple sclerosis. Her search for relief from the ailment has taken her to one of the world's leading MS doctors, to participation in a medical study at Harvard and to an unproven therapy called reflexology.

What did help was horseback riding. Her riding forays into the Utah mountains left her feeling "joyful, energetic and stronger," she said. And, like many MS patients seeking relief, Mrs. Romney turned to alternative treatments, in her case acupuncture and reflexology. A friend recommended she visit a reflexology practitioner near Salt Lake City, Fritz Blietschau, an Air Force mechanic who died in 2001.

Some MS specialists think acupuncture can help ease physical symptoms. Reflexology, which involves massaging areas of the feet, hands and ears on the theory that these areas correspond to various organs, is widely regarded as unproven.