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Σάββατο, 30 Αυγούστου 2014

Mildred Carter: Stop Pain with Reflexology

This video was originally made in the mid 1980s by renown reflexologist Mildred Carter. She was somewhere in her 80s when it was filmed. Look at her hands -- what amazing technique and strength!

I am a Certified Reflexologist. Ms. Carter's video and books were influential on me. I have always appreciated her matter-of-fact, "low-woo" approach.

This is a very rare program. It is nearly impossible to acquire it. If you can find the tape on eBay, I guarantee that it will not play well. Even if your tape and VCR are pristine, it can't play well due to embedded flaws in the original master.

I have painstakingly digitized and redesigned the video for HD widescreen viewing. I was able to remove many flaws, but so many others remain.

There are so many reflexology videos on YouTube. Know that this one preceded 99.99% of them.

This is my first YouTube video uploaded for public consumption.