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Τρίτη, 17 Ιουλίου 2012

Because YOU, the (European, American, Canadian, Australian etc.) Reflexologist, spreads false and misleading "facts" on the history of Reflexology soon we might be "OUT OF WORK!".

"OUT OF WORK!", me? Neah, I doubt it! None the less...

Once again I have read an article on an exceptional buisness success associated with Reflexology - here -, this is the title:
Foot Massage Chain China Liangtse Said to Mull German IPO!!! Good for you Zhu! 

This is not the first time I have blogged about the inspiring success story of the man behind this success, Zhu Guofan - here. It seems  that once again he has been keeping himself busy in an even more positive way, read how he has gotten even more succesfull here Liangzi story.
In short,
"The franchised company now operates more than 700 outlets across China, employing more than 30,000 people." Reflexologists of course, or foot masseurs since they do foot massage!

The company has entered the European market with branches in Liangtse London UK and here, Berlin, Helsinki, Netherlands and more in the future are coming through their 100 centers in Europe Project, the price for Reflexology is 50min £ 59, preeeetty good!

So what is my point?

Well it is not to deprive individuals of Oriental origin their right to honest work, it is more to secure the right of European, etc. of origin individuals to be able to work equally too our Oriental colleagues as Reflexologists. My interest is mostly for the Greek Reflexologists, especially since I have been a board member of the Hellenic Association of Reflexologists five years now and currently, president of HAR. Even more now with this global economic crisis, I am sick and tired of hearing our members difficulty in making a honest living by doing what they love and having invested-paid hard earned money to learn practise reflexology.

Do not feel sorry for the Greeks, this is not the case in Greece only, I know for a fact that this problem exists in most European countries, USA and Canada. I have seen in many countries ground level offices/workshops with high rent offering bodywork and/or reflexology. How many do you think out of 100 are owned by people not of Oriental heritage in Montreal, London lets say?

In England the English reflexologists rent space in offices ususally, why cannot they afford to rent a ground office with large windows on a busy street? 
- They do not want to. 
- They are not good enough reflexologists thus not making enough money to cut even or make a profit?
- People prefer the Asian practitioners to the English?
- They are humanitarians or believe in helping their fellow humans without getting paid.
- They are rich and do not need the money, or the success, or the satisfaction of living off something they love?
...and many other reasons possibly. 

Sure many factors will influence any endeavour but in our situation something very interesting is going on.

The problem and my point will become obvious with the following example, a quote in an article from The Observer UK, 25 November 2009.

"Over 5,000 years ago the Cherokee of North Africa practiced reflexology. Other ethnicities across China, India and Japan also practiced the art. Today the best reflexologists are said to be from China. There is no consensus on how it works."

So what's the problem? The problem is that in the past Reflexologists would make FALSE statements in their books, seminars, interviews etc. that Reflexology began 5.000 years ago in the Orient and this point is still going strong! 

Yeah yeah, I hear you saying here he goes again with his history, but....
It is a proven fact that this kind of (cultural) programming will have an effect on an individuals perception (client of Reflexology in our case) on how to choose a "compotent" Reflexologist, reference "Explain pain".

Published research has answered these questions, ...can you? And most importantly, why?:

- Where in Europe is homeopathy most succesfull?
- Under which circumstances is acupuncture most and least succesfull? 
(answers on the bottom picture)

My personal story - short!
One day in my office my aunt, who I am treating again after 2 years (succesfully the first time), for her stiff neck sees a Chinese being treated upon by me. Once he left she said "Spiros you must have become very good if the Chinese are coming to you to be relieved!" My office is doing good but her seeing the "Chinese man" made all the difference. Interesting, isn't it?

It makes sense for me now that when I visit London, New York, Montreal, Amsterdam I see many Chinese foot massage parlors - at ground level (high rent), but not one owned by a European Reflexologist. On the other hand I see Europeans doing mostly volunteer work, which is great, but it does not help you make a living, does it!

Of course we have to be good and continuously train to be competitive but...
STOP spreading false information about the history of Reflexology!
It is bad for buisness fool! 

P.S. I honestly believe that, if ever, Liangzi offers a seminar I will attend, there must be lots to learn from his success, especially compared to so many over rated seminars on the market.
You can quote me, especially on the last remark. Spiros

P.S. 2 I wish our goverment here in Greece and especially the ministries of Civilization, Health and Tourism would follow this example  to create and promote a   health and well-being industry based on Hippocrates teachings.