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Παρασκευή, 31 Ιουλίου 2015

Meet Sister Jubilata!

This part I really enjoyed:
"30 years I spent in the mission in Zambia and Zimbabwe. I taught at a school in the bush of Somalia and we had no more drugs. So I learned it then, and I pass it on."

Integrated Reflexology

One child patient said about his reflexologist: "It makes a big difference to me when she comes. When I was in the hospital getting chemo, the reflexology made me forget all the nasty stuff that was being put into my body. I just concentrate on the good feeling." he says.


Did reflexology heal me? I think it did. It gave me assurance and confidence and I feel good too and
some good vibes as well. All for fifty pesos (but bring your own alcohol, herbal oil and foot towel).
I am glad I’ve found this. The murag doktor (MD) is real, so real after all.

What The Feet And Legs Say About Us!

Ξoe Navarro, M.A., is a 25-year veteran of the FBI where he served on the National Security Division's Behavioral Analysis Program.
For four decades, he has been studying and teaching the use of nonverbal communications for interviewing, He states;"Nervousness, stress, fear, anxiety, caution, boredom, restlessness, happiness, joy, hurt, shyness, coyness, humility, awkwardness, confidence, subservience, depression, lethargy, playfulness, sensuality, and anger can all manifest through the feet and legs.”
When I was doing interviews in the FBI, I focused on the feet and legs precisely because they do reveal so much information about what is in the mind and liars think about their facial displays but not their legs and feet.


Hands-on method to give baby a head start

But midwives and mothers-to-be in Walsall have found an alternative, and altogether more relaxing, way to bring on labour.
The secret, discovered by experts at Walsall Manor Hospital, is through pressure points in the feet. The maternity unit at the Pleck Road hospital undertook a study of 100 overdue women, offering some of them one free reflexology treatment on their feet.
It discovered that more women went into labour sooner and needing less pain relief than those without reflexology, which involves applying pressure to various points on the hands and feet through specific thumb and finger techniques.
The research was conducted by a team led by supervisor of midwives Lin Gostling and is set to been the first of its kind published since 1989, opening the door for more funding to carry out more extensive research on the subject.
The team included midwives Leanne York, Caroline Ranford and Anna Yepes, who were already qualified reflexologists, and consultant Sushma Sharma.
The results of their study show that, overall, the length of the first stage of labour was four hours shorter than of those in the control group of women who had not had reflexology and that the second stage of labour, when the woman starts to push, was 21 minutes shorter.
They also found that fewer women in the reflexology group needed strong pain relief during labour.

Reflexologists Are Squeezed by Cheaper Competitors and State Rules

On one side is the rising number of storefront foot spas that employ practitioners who offer what they call reflexology at less than half the usual cost — sometimes as little as $25 an hour, which can be a quarter of the cost of a trained reflexologist, who might charge as much as $100, depending on the location.

On the other side are complicated state laws. Although Ms. Freemantle is fully accredited by the American Reflexology Certification Board, frequently attends continuing education seminars and volunteers her service at hospitals, what she is doing technically violates New York State law.

Dentists reflexology

We have read quite a few articles of dentists adding reflexology to their services, this just another example.
At number 4.

Τυφλοί ρεφλεξολόγοι

Concepción: Reflexología oriental en manos muy especiales

Ενοποιημένη Ιατρική An integrative approach to treating patients

Patients, parents and staff said alternative therapies have helped reduce pain by up to 54 percent, nausea caused by chemotherapy by 64 percent and stress by 37 percent. Examples of successful treatments include a session of foot reflexology that alleviated leg pain for a patient following injections, and a parent's stress level seemed to be temporarily reduced after receiving a therapeutic shoulder massage.

The placebo effect can still work, even if people know it's a placebo

"The placebo effect is real – even if you know the treatment you've been given has no medical value, research has concluded," the Mail Online reports. The study in question aimed to further understand how placebos – inactive or dummy treatments – work.

Air Malta pampers passengers in coach with free head and foot massages

έπρεπε να το είχα σκεφτεί, AEGEAN έρχομαι!

Japanese Massage Chain Re.Ra.Ku Aims for $123 Million Nasdaq IPO

Re.Ra.Ku, whose name means “Repeated Happiness,” has about 160 franchised outlets in Japan offering massage and stretch therapy to about 54,000 customers monthly. It aims to increase the number of locations to 3,000 in about nine years, according to Eguchi.
The company, founded in 2000, has also developed a smartphone app to track a user’s health conditions and provide holistic medical advice. It plans to use proceeds from the IPO to expand into new areas, including acquiring a U.S. hospital and developing an Internet platform connecting patients to treatments available overseas, said Eguchi, 41.
Re.Ra.Ku’s system will help Japanese patients with serious illnesses discover drugs and medical procedures that are available in the U.S. or other countries, which haven’t yet been released in Japan, he said.