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Παρασκευή, 31 Ιουλίου 2015

What The Feet And Legs Say About Us!

Ξoe Navarro, M.A., is a 25-year veteran of the FBI where he served on the National Security Division's Behavioral Analysis Program.
For four decades, he has been studying and teaching the use of nonverbal communications for interviewing, He states;"Nervousness, stress, fear, anxiety, caution, boredom, restlessness, happiness, joy, hurt, shyness, coyness, humility, awkwardness, confidence, subservience, depression, lethargy, playfulness, sensuality, and anger can all manifest through the feet and legs.”
When I was doing interviews in the FBI, I focused on the feet and legs precisely because they do reveal so much information about what is in the mind and liars think about their facial displays but not their legs and feet.