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Τετάρτη, 29 Νοεμβρίου 2017


This protocol is inspired by: Marie-France Muller (the French reflexologist)

Areas selected support relaxation, psychological balance, brain balance, revitalization
WHEN? Next time you cuddle.
HOW? Take a few breaths to relax/ground, prepare yourself:
• Use a bit more pressure than petting but ease if needed.
• If pet pulls away, do next reflex area but return
later - going with the pet’s flow, respecting the
animal's comfort zone, but aim to do all
• Do about 10-12 passes (going back and
forth) totaling 4-5 seconds on each "reflex
area" as marked on image:
1.area where ears are attached to face.
2. ear tips
3. across forehead
4. along nose
5. just below nose (turn finger sideways)
6. third eye (above and between eyebrows)
7. end session at area where ears are attached to face; gently
remove hands.

ENJOY, Birgit and Mowgli
• Empowers, relaxes pets and enhances bonding with their parents/caregivers - especially if done DAILY.
• Long term effects if done more frequently throughout the day in times of increased stress.
• The face is a microcosm of the entire body; by working on specific areas (called reflexes) on the face, the
body's systems rebalance (HOMEOSTASIS) resulting in (like foot/hand/ear reflexology) relaxation and wellbeing. Modern Reflexology was developed by US physicians.

Birgit Nagele is an ARCB nationally certified reflexologist, yoga teacher, and Mowgli's mom, based in NYC.
• Mowgli formerly Tiki is a rescue labrotti (NSAL) and recipient of daily reflexology since 2009.
21st century living throbs with INTENSITY often resulting in STRESS. In the long run it can lead to chronic tension. Pets pick up our imbalances and may additionally have stress due to genetics, possible abuse by puppy mills, previous owners, medical challenges, age. 
This is an invitation to get you started with Reflexology; both you and our animal friends will benefit.
Many thanks to Raul Penaranda Marie-France Muller (Facial
Reflexology A Self Care Manual) Rod Figaro
Mowgli 🐾 🐕 .
(May 6ER4Dogs help de-stress, rebalance-use daily, often if needed,but keep it short and sweet.). Please, consult a vet for medical issues.
Copyright © 2016,2017 Birgit Nagele,ARCB,LVCY,TSY Permission is hereby granted to reproduce this, as long as the content is unchanged, for non-commercial purposes only.

Τρίτη, 7 Νοεμβρίου 2017

Reflexology in New York City - Sarah Jessica Parker level!

In 2010 I remeber reading a very interesting article where the famous actress from the tv serial Sex and The City shared some personal tips.

The article was titled  SJP Shares Her Top Beauty Must Haves

In that article she recommended "Angel Feet" a Reflexology service  in the heart of the West Village on beautiful, tree-lined Perry Street. Her exact words were (I loved the bold letter part)...

Her beauty indulgences:
"Every now and then, there is this place called Angel Feet [I go to] that's amazing. It's a reflexology place. I don't know about any of that — that doesn't really matter me. The fact is that someone will rub your feet for an hour. I don't care what they find out about my insides, or different organs. That goes in one ear and out the other. The fact of the matter is that they will rub your feet for an hour. You just have to find the hour. It's not inexpensive, and it's not highway robbery. It's right in the middle there. It's worth every penny, I will say!"

Expensive designer shoes like  Manolo Blahniks, Christian Louboutins and Jimmy Choos can have quite an effect on your feet!

Fate would have that last week while in NY, for a Orthopedic Reflexology course hosted by the New York State Reflexology Association, I was to visit a board member at her office which was the "former" Angel feet!
For me this was great because I was very interested in seeing and feeling the reflexology service SJP or Carrie Bradshaw so willingly recommends on any given occasion.

Once at the office, and a bit early I entered a truly zen area, the secretary knew who I was and politely offered me to have a seat. To be honest I preferred to wait outside since it was such a nice day and Perry street is beautifull.

After a few minutes owners and fellow colleagues Denice Kondik (NYSRA board member) and Jessie Meegan greeted me 
with much warmth. A wonderfull discussion followed with cappucino and proseco 
and a lot of Reflexology talk on all levels. 

I took note of the difficulties that exist in order to practise reflexology on a 
professional level but also the many benefits mentioned. There exist in NY as 
in many places around the world legal issues regarding the practise of reflexology.
Also of interest is that in all of NY only one reflexology school exists!
My two colleagues are very experienced and have been practising 
many years. During our meeting I felt their confidence, strength and true humble 
nature. I regret that I did not have the time to take up to their invitation to 
exchange treatments and ideas. Definetely next time!

The original owner passed away a while back and our two colleagues have 
taken over the buisness. The name of the establishment now is Perry Street Reflexology.

Of course I enquired about SJP, and Jessie has treated her hundreds of times, together they have a long client list of other well known celebrities also. Their professionalism did not allow them to get into details, something that I apreciated and respected.

But they showed me where Carrie's first apartment was in the series, the building with the famous stairs is 66 Perry Street, N.Y.C (West Village,
Manhattan), and thus we had a beautifull picture. Right across from their reflexology office! Interestingly enough many people were there taking pictures also.

Next time you visit New York visit Perry Street (Reflexology) if it's good for Sarah...