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Steps Toward Massage Therapy Guidelines: A First Report to the Profession

In establishing an evidence-based consideration of massage relative to health care, multiple challenges must be dealt with. Among them are the diversity of massage techniques, philosophies, and contexts, and the evidence base itself. In the United States at least, not all that falls under a regulatory context of massage can be assumed to be health care system–related; a broad and diverse range of services can appropriately be considered client facilitation or client-directed somatic/sensory exploration. As part of a general set of health care system definitions, the construction of massage regulation in the United States has been based on a “wide-net” paradigm of touch practices rather than on an outcome competency paradigm. Addressing this situation, Rosen() recently commented on the need for a more compactly defined knowledge and competency base for health care system inclusion.

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Referall areas

Referall areas

De Medicina (On Medicine) 
by A. Cornelius Celsus Book II

"Finally, if particular limbs are rubbed, many strokes are required and forcible rubbing; both because the body cannot be as a whole quickly rendered weak through a part, and it is necessary that as much as possible of the diseased matter should be dispersed, whether our aim is to relieve the limb actually rubbed, or through it another limb."*.html
Paragraph 14 - p181

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Evidence based practise

From Denmark: Reflexology for colicky babies.

The treatments are reimbursed by the goverment. Even though we do not understand a word we hear, we understand so much just by looking! So cute, good work from Helle Roed!