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Τετάρτη, 29 Ιουνίου 2016

The effect of foot reflexology applied to women aged between 40 and 60 on vasomotor complaints and quality of life

The latest research paper demonstrates that reflexology may be effective in decreasing hot flushes, sweats and night sweats for menopausal women. In this study 120 women were randomized to receive either reflexology or non-specific foot massage. The experimental group received two sessions of reflexology once a week for six weeks each lasting 1.5hrs. 25mins of reflexology was followed by a
1.5hr break and then a further 25mins of reflexology. The control group received non-specific foot massage following the same time frame as for the treatment group. Results conclude that reflexology decreases menopausal hot flashes, sweats and night sweats and had a positive effect on quality of life in physical, psychosocial and sexual dimensions.

Growing demand calls for ministry regulation

INCREASINGLY, the terms complementary, alternative and integrative medicine are being used in healthcare, and they are being bandied without regard to its meaning. The three cannot be used interchangeably as they differ in terms of concept: IF a non-mainstream practice is used with conventional medicine, it is called “complementary”; IF a non-mainstream practice is used in place of conventional medicine, it’s “alternative”; and, THERE are many definitions of “integrative” healthcare, but all involve bringing conventional and complementary approaches together in a coordinated way.

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Orthopedic Reflexology and Hippocratic Anatripsis training during the 2016 danaon Cup

I would really like to meet this nun one day!

Sister Jubilatas motto is: "First massage instead operate." 

With the words "where it hurts, press" and "clean, clean, clean".