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Κυριακή, 1 Ιουλίου 2012

Φροντίδα για τους "φροντιστές υγείας" στην Αγγλία!

Unpaid carers can relax and unwind full article.

Unpaid carers are getting a chance to "recharge their batteries" this month during a series of rest and relaxation sessions in Suffolk.
People caring for a family member or friend with an illness, health condition, addiction, or disability are being offered massages, reflexology and relaxation days thanks to United Response.
The London-based charity, which provides services for people with learning and physical disabilities and mental health needs, is holding the sessions in Suffolk in June and July.
The move is part of its Time For You project, which supports unpaid carers who do not regard themselves as carers and may be missing out on support.
"Caring for someone else can be incredibly demanding. Time for You recognises this and wants to offer people a little bit of help to recharge their batteries."