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Τετάρτη, 22 Αυγούστου 2012

Either you "get it" or you don't! If you don't, ...consider coming to a seminar of Orthopedic Reflexology!

Hippocrates - The Doctor’s office, 17.

“Frictions can relax or raise the tone of the soft tissue and increases flesh or thin the body, Vigorous friction's harden the fiber, light friction's loosen it. When pursued a long time, weight is lost, applied with moderation they increase weight."

Assessment of first ray mobility is advisable when considering treatment for any patient with foot difficulties.12,13,17,33,34 Clinical testing (Fig. 2) is performed using one hand to stabilize the lateral 4 metatarsals while the examiner's other hand applies a dorsal or plantar displacement force to the head of the first metatarsal.33,35 Although this method of testing has uncertain interexaminer reliability, manual testing may be adequate for an individual clinician or orthotist to classify the mobility of the first ray as being stiff, normal, or hypermobile.30,35 Comparison with the patient's other side and with a large number of patients helps the examiner get a sense of what is normal and abnormal.

Portion from:

Anatomy and Biomechanics of the First Ray

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