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Κυριακή, 16 Δεκεμβρίου 2012


In 2011, the ASA investigated complaints about three websites advertising reflexology. The advertisers claimed or implied that many conditions could be alleviated by reflexology, including Parkinson’s disease, Arthritis, migraine, high blood pressure, fertility issues, cancer, Lupus, hypertension, prostate problems, depression, ME, Glandular Fever and ADHD. The ASA upheld the complaints because the evidence presented was insufficient to support the efficacy claims made on the website.
As well as being able to prove the efficacy of reflexology, practitioners who do not hold suitable qualifications are advised to avoid referring to conditions, the diagnosis of or treatment for which requires the supervision of a person with suitable healthcare qualifications (Rule 12.2). Moreover, marketers should not discourage consumers from seeking essential medical treatment. The ASA has ruled that by referring to ‘serious’ conditions, advertisers have discouraged consumers from seeking essential treatment and that the inclusion of a disclaimer explaining the limited role of reflexology is insufficient to address this concern. The Reflex Clinic website included a disclaimer that stated “reflexology is not intended to replace the relationship with your primary health care providers and the consultation is not intended as medical advice... It is not a substitute for medical care...”. Not only did the ASA consider the statement contradicted the overall impression that reflexology could treat the conditions listed, it considered readers could still be discouraged from seeking essential medical treatment (The Reflex Clinic, 26th October 2011)

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