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Τρίτη, 18 Δεκεμβρίου 2012

RiEN Newsletter December 2012

Letter from the Chair

Hello everyone

With the year drawing to a close that means that it’s time for membership update forms followed by invoices to be sent out! By now the RiEN representative for each of the member associations should have received an update form from Sally. I’d ask those concerned to complete the form and send it back by return so that the correct invoices can be sent out. The membership year runs from January to December. 

The Board is for the first time putting into place various protocols and timetables to help make the day to day running of RiEN smoother than ever before! This will also help newly elected Board members when they take up their positions.

The two year term of Chair of RiEN comes to an end with AGM in 2013, no proposals have as yet been received for my replacement. RiEN will also be looking for an EFCAM representative as I’ll be stepping down from that too. I would recommend that the Chair and EFCAM representative positions are held by two different people.

In January the Board will be focussing on the AGM and the documents you’ll need for May. Have you booked your accommodation yet? I believe that there are still some rooms available at the Poseidon hotel.

Please do email me and give me any comments, ideas that you have about RiEN so that the Board can work on them. 

Wishing you a lovely festive season and a happy New Year


Louise Vaughan-Arbuckle


The position of Chair of RiEN will once again become available. In accordance with the Constitution (8.4) all nominations must be giving in ariting to the Secretary, no later than five( 5) weeks prior to the date set for the AGM. Anyone interested in the position is welcome to contact Louise directly ( for further information. It is essential to have excellent English.


You’ll need to speak excellent English and be available to attend meetings (11am-5pm) in Brussels approximately 4 times a year. Outside of the meetings there’s email correspondence and the occasional skype meeting. For further information please contact Louise at


 A collection of articles, photos and links relating to the CAM conference that took place in October will be available on the RiEN website shortly.


As requested by you - Arve has put the page for the Research Abstract Library onto the website. This is about sharing knowledge and can be an invaluable resource - It’s up to you now to make it work!


May 10th- 12th 2013

The next AGM is being held in Athens, this is an important event to maximize participation in RiEN. Please look on RiEN site for full details.


We would like to send you seasons greetings from RiEN and
wishing you a peaceful 2013.

The RiEN office will be closed from Friday 21st December until Friday 4th January 2013, but we will be picking up urgent emails.

Member contact informatio

It is essential for the Board of
RiEN to have up to date
information to contact you on.

The admin team of Anneke and Esther are responsible for keeping our mailing list up to date, so please send all changes of contact person,

email to

Articles for the newsletter

If you have any articles or information that you’d like to share with RiEN members,
please email