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Παρασκευή, 26 Απριλίου 2013

Follow up on the Reflexology ban in Uganda

Do you remember the Reflexology ban in 2011 by the then Minister of Health Dr Stephen Mallinga in Uganda? here

The reflexology ban in Uganda has caused great hardship to many reflexologists. Staff at TASO (The AIDS Support Organisation) and Hospice Africa (Uganda) report that the clients / patients were having regular reflexology treatments which were helping to relieve their stressful and painful symptoms. They are all missing out on this very comforting therapy and also the skilled therapists, who had passed the written and practical exams, may lose their expertise in reflexology if they do not use it. Here.

Even a petition signing was pursued with ONLY 32 signatures - here.

Well it seems the ban is now over. here and here:
"It is apparent that the council did not share their findings with the reflexologists. I find that the applicants were not given a right to defend themselves, which was wrong," the judge said.
The practitioners were also awarded for costs incurred. The ruling implies that the practitioners can resume their activities including advertisements in the media which had previously been halted.

Reflexology is the application of appropriate pressure to specific points and areas on the feet, hands, or ears.

Government ordered to compensate reflexology practitioners for having closed them illegaly.


Reflexology began when Besty Keating started training reflexologists in Uganda - read the story here

This lead her to receive the ICR's Humanitarian Award 2011. here

Appreciation for all her hard work over the years, heart-felt congratulations and the honour of winning such a prestigious award were paid to Betsy Keating by the International Council of Reflexologists Betsy was nominated and won the Humanitarian Award 2011. She was presented with a stunning Crystal Globe Trophy in Sheffield on January 13, 2012. This was given in recognition of her pioneer work developing Reflexology services and training in Uganda and in other areas of need in the UK.
PICTURED left to right: Vicky Laws National Director of the International Institute of Reflexology; Betsy Keating holding the Crystal Globe Humanitarian Award; Jennie Levick Director of the International Council of Reflexologists and Principal of UK branch of IIR

- I remember that those Reflexologists where supposedely wearing stethoscopes and taking blood samples. If this was true, was it still correct to ban them or not?
- If the previous was true, have the Reflexologists gotten their act together now or not?
- Why was the Attorney General not represented at the ruling. If he was, what would have been the outcome then. here
- How many Reflexologists around the world actually knew about this ban?
- Why did they not take any action to support our fellow colleagues? Only 32 signed the petition!