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Δευτέρα, 1 Απριλίου 2013

Reiki, Rolfing and Reflexology: Proposed Exemption in Colorado

by Karen Menehan, Editor in Chief
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A just-introduced bill in Colorado would expressly exempt several bodywork modalities from most state regulation.
Included in the exemptions are reflexology; Rolfing; mind-body centering; Orthobionomy; and "practices with the primary purpose of affecting energy systems of the human body," including reiki and Healing Touch.
SB 215, or The Colorado Natural Health Consumer Protection Act, is being touted by the National Health Freedom Coalition as a move to protect access to "traditional, complementary and alternative health care practitioners in Colorado." The coalition lobbies for health-freedom laws nationwide.
The bill does provide for some oversight of the exempted practices, stating that a person providing complementary and alternative health care services must disclose to clients the practitioner's educational

background and the nature of the services to be provided. The bill also prohibits complementary and alternative health care practitioners from engaging in activities that only state-regulated health care professionals may perform.