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Παρασκευή, 24 Μαΐου 2013

RiEN member Swiss Association for Reflexology - SVFM

Did you know?
In Switzerland there is a 5km public barefoot park belonging to the city of Gonten. The marked route leads without much uphill or downhill through meadows and pastures, usually on a very pleasant grassy ground, sometimes on short sections of asphalt or gravel.

Member organization of RiEN is the Swiss Association for Reflexology - SVFM. You can get a small insight about them by visiting the members area on RiEN's website:

Or, visit their website here:

Do "NOT" miss out - Visit their publications page and read/download the following two fantastic pdf files.
1. The Science behind deposits: what biopsies revealed. Dr. Jesus Manzanares (interesting images depicting the collection of tissue samples)
2. Reflexology Pilot Study on Cancer Patients in four Hospitals. Dr. Martine Faure Aldersons. (The protocol is described!!!)

We are part of the Reflexology in Europe Network, ...are you?