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Κυριακή, 7 Ιουλίου 2013

AoR Webinar - July 6th

Thanks for a great webinar AoR, hope to see you soon!

Little Emma 

Reference to Reflexology, cross reflexes and referall areas. English translation Paragraph 14 - p177*.html

Thus the mere act of observation affects the experimental findings.

Reflexology: Science or Belief?

SPIROSREFLEX - YOUTUBE Reflexology History (parts alpha, beta, gamma-alpha, gamma beta)

Nico Pauly -

Crossing over for pain relief
“It ain’t what you do it’s the way that you do it, and that’s what gets results”

Learning Pain Science can Relieve and Prevent Pain

Egyptian Hieroglyphic -
Reference number
P-1 A-105  somewhere in the middle of the page

Votive stele of Silon, Mid. 4th c. BC


Golgi Tendon organ

As you can see from the picture above this facial
train runs from:

1. Plantar Surface of toe phalanges
2. Plantar Fascia and short toes flexors
3. Calcaneus
4. Gastrocnemius/Achilles tendon
5. Condyles of Femur
6. Hamstring
7. Ischerial Tuberosity
8. Sacrotuberous ligament
9. Sacrum
10. Sacrolumbar fascia/erector spinae
11. Occipital ridge
12. Galea aponeurotica/scalp
13. Frontal brow ridge

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Thank you, AoR, for the oppurtunity of presenting this one-day seminar. Spiros

Wax Oil information

Mastic/pine raisin: preservative, healing wounds

All essential oils have very strong antimicrobial, antimucus, anticontaminant, antiparasitic, antibacterial properties.

More specificly:

a)    sage: adrenal stimulant, menstrual regulation, pain control

b)    neroli: digestion stimulant, anti depression, nervous system stimulant, regulation of liver-spleen-pangreas function

c)    thymbra capitata (cousin of oregano): strong antibiotic, anti contaminant

d)    thyme: strong antibiotic, anti contaminant

e)    orange: benefits liver-stomach-intestines, skin irritation

f)       bay: autonomic nervous system balance, menstrual regulation, wounds

g)    mastic: anti mucus

h)    rosemarine: heart stimulant, stone resolving(λιθολυτικό)

i)         oregano: same as c) and d), pain resolving(αναλγητικό)

j)        Bergamot: anti depression, digestion stimulant,  rheumatism

All the selected essential oils come traditionally and originally from the Hellenic plantation. In ancient Greece they were used for healing purposes as well as it happens nowadays. The reflexology balms that you hold in your hands were exclusively hand made manufactured as a healing aid and in compliance to the principals of the unique Hellenic Orthopedic Reflexology method by Spiros Dimitrakoulas. 100% Organic

      The manufacturer,

Yorgos Kalaras, Lesvos island, Hellas ( Greece )