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Τρίτη, 23 Ιουλίου 2013

Targeting Cortical representations in the treatment of chronic pain, ..with Reflexology? An hypothesis.

from facebook.
RiEN Board.

1st - The topic for our 2014 conference is ‘From the top of your head to the tip of your toe’
This can include, amongst other things, proposals having to do with pain.
It is interesting that ...research into Reflexology has shown it “positive” in the management of pain and stress.
Take into consideration that the previous statement is also verified by a just recently prepared paper “Reflexology Research to date” that was, and will be used, by the RiEN representative at EFCAM. This paper was prepared by one of RiEN’s research group members, Tracey Smith FMAR BSc (Hons) Association of Reflexologists UK. (Thank you Tracey – Good work!) This paper too will be accessible shortly in our members area on our webpage.

2nd – Initially inspired by this week (22-28 July)
being National Pain Week In Australia…. (We have connections everywhere.)

3rd - ...and reading this interesting paper, “Targeting Cortical Representations in the Treatment of Chronic Pain: A Review”

4th – It has come to our attention that “strategies” are needed to affect cortical plasticity that is clearly important in chronic pain states in order for the patients to gain rehabilitation.
Simply put: Chronic low back pain is represented in the homunculus much larger than its representation should have been.
Reflexology wise what can we do/try?

5th – We then remembered an article from Arve Fahlvik - Norway, and former RiEN board member. He very correctly reminds us of something only natural to Reflexologists, the representation of the cortical homunculus created by Wilder Penfield.
Arve states: If you can use a projection to release tension in the shoulder, it should be possible to also use a projection to release the (shoulder) tension in the brain. If you are only familiar with the projections on the feet or hands, you can find it (homunculus) directly under the nail. This is a good projection of it.
Read the whole article here:
5th – Arve is the representative of our Norway RiEN member Norske Naturterapeuters Hovedorganisasjon – NNH. You can read up on them from our members page here:

6th - ..just kidding!

Isn’t networking fun.
RiEN Board