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Τρίτη, 17 Σεπτεμβρίου 2013

A new Egyptian hieroglyphic to be presented at the 14th ICR conference at S.Africa

Upon preparing our presentation on Orthopedic Reflexology for the 14th ICR conference, the Gods of Olympus favoured us once more.
This time they presented to us, the findings of a passionate mans work, a man who is not a Reflexologist!

We have come upon new infomation having to do with the Egyptian hieroglyphic of Ankhmahor (which is already well known), but also with new one(s) from other tombs.

These findings will create enthusiasm but also new speculation on the origins of Reflexology. Some will be disapointed, and some will be satisfied until the next discovery.

Today we will only show you the hieroglyphic in a more commercial reproduction. The actual bas-relief picture, and all relevant information with references to the men behind its discovery will be announced at the ICR conference.

After the conference, we will circulate this reproduction without the watermark of Ioulia Chroni (OR tutor) who is the artist behind this commercial reproduction, and the Orthopedic Reflexology logo so everyone can enjoy, and use as they see appropriate.

Acknowledging credits to Ioulia always of course, is the Hippocratic way after all.


Researching history is consistent with Orthopedic Reflexology speculation, because Hippocrates dictates this to us, especially in the following passage from the book "On Ancient Medicine", actually his son in law Polybus wrote this book.  

On Ancient Medicine
2. But all these requisites belong of old to Medicine, and an origin and way have been found out, by which many and elegant discoveries have been made, during a length of time, and others will yet be found out, if a person possessed of the proper ability, and knowing those discoveries which have been made, should proceed from them to prosecute his investigations. But whoever, rejecting and despising all these, attempts to pursue another course and form of inquiry, and says he has discovered anything, is deceived himself and deceives others, for the thing is impossible.



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