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Δευτέρα, 31 Μαρτίου 2014

A NEW version of Reflexology!

John McLachlan, professor of medical 

education at Durham University in the 

Recently, as a result of my 

developmental studies on human 

embryos, I have

 discovered a new version of 

reflexology, which identifies a 

homunculus represented in the human body, over the area of the buttocks. 

The homunculus is inverted, such that the head is represented in the inferior

position, the left buttock corresponds to the right hand side of the body, and

 the lateral aspect is represented medially. As with reflexology, the “map” 

responds to needling, as in acupuncture, and to gentle suction, such as 

cupping. In my studies, responses are stronger and of more therapeutic value 

than those of auricular or conventional reflexology. In some cases, the map 

can be used for diagnostic purposes.

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