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Τετάρτη, 19 Μαρτίου 2014

Oxford Street back in 1882!

We all know of equipment that attempts to take place of the skilled hands a properly trained Reflexologist has.
There seems to be a bit of history behind this... and it can be traced to
Oxford Street back in 1882!

Let us also keep in mind the possibility that todays beneficial concept of Reflexology (thanks to the photo combined with that little paragraph - red arrow) could have started before Dr. Fitzgerald and Eunice Ingham. Where did it start?
In the UK of course, no wonder Reflexology is so big there!

Archive - Spiros Dimitrakoulas - (Facebook Spiros Bodyworx)

Many attempts have been made to supersede the human rubber; and if any of you are in London, I should advise you to visit the Zander establishment above the Soho Bazaar, Soho Square, Oxford Street, where you will see some series of most costly and ingenious machines for doing what any medical rubber can do with his own hands.

Some things (attempts) never change...