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Πέμπτη, 27 Ιανουαρίου 2011

C.A.M.A. Community Based Project National Day of Healing 11/02/2011

The following is an idea from an Irish friend and colleague Christinne Higgins.

C.A.M.A. Community Based Project
National Day of Healing

Spirit and Soul Regeneration for Ireland

“One Person can make a Difference and Everyone should Try”
-John F Kennedy

Calling all Complementary Therapists, Alternative Medicine Practitioners and Artists (C.A.M.A.) if you, like me, are tired of listening to and reading about the doom in the media and noticing the negative effects it is having on the mindset of the general public. As practitioners we are aware of the power of Group Energy to lift the Human Spirit and how powerful a force of Love we can be when we empower ourselves. We each have something entirely unique and infinitely precious to share, when others are willing to receive. At the heart of it all we are all in it together. I am putting forward an idea that you may like to run with to help our communities to lighten up and come off the spiral of gloom and forget NAMA, IMF, World Bank and the Budget for a day. People need the power of group energy to lift the Human Spirit and Ireland needs C.A.M A. to reclaim her Soul.

The IDEA -
I am suggesting that C.A.M.A. take a Quantum Leap and come together in unison to make a difference in their respective Communities and bring a National Day of Healing into form..... READ MORE BY CLICKING ON THE C.A.M.A EVENTS LINK ABOVE:

Complementary Therapist, Alternative Medicine professionals, Artists and Venue owners. If you wish to offer a service or Venue please follow the links on the CAMA Events page:

Follow the Link to Post your details on the C.A.M.A. National Healing Day or forward details to

Aims of the CAMA National Healing Day
•Community Based
•Day of Goodwill - offering a breath of love in local Communities to lift the spirit
•Format is 1:1 mini treatments (20min) or Group Meditation or Workshops
•The day is a FREE Day to the public.
•Therapists and Venues to provide free service
•A day for the locals to get to know CAMA professionals in their area and vice versa
•A day for CAMA professionals to meet and support each other

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