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Τρίτη, 4 Δεκεμβρίου 2012

Η επιστημονικη βαση της ενσυναισθησης με την συμμετοχη Ελληνα επιστημονα!

I have read in research papers, depicting the positive role of Reflexology as a complementary therapy, various reasons that lie behind this role. As with "anything", the elements of placebo, the recipients perception, his/her belief system and cultural backround are of the most common reasons noted. Of course a favourite of reviewing scientists is that Reflexologists (and CAM therapists in general) play a positive role because they spend one hour or more "listening" and paying attention to their clients thus putting them at ease. This of course was not considered scientific enough thus worth belittling as a component itself and that of CAM therapists, at least indirectly.

Well there is some just released news that puts some scientific weight, through a neurobiological point of view, behind the case for "empathizing with patients, getting to know them and trust."!

The research was conducted (again) by Michigan State University, yes, the University that recently published Gwen Wyatt's research paper on Reflexology. This time the researcher is of Greek heritage, Issidoros Sarinopoulos professor of radiology at MSU.

A note of caution!: I expect the future research on a larger scale to have the same and better results, but attention should be paid to those who will practise empathy towards their clients NOT to get too close! There is always the risk of opening your mirror neurons and possibly actually "feeling" your clients pain or leading yourself to Burnout syndrome (BOS). BOS is associated with stress has been documented in health care professionals in many specialties.

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