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Παρασκευή, 21 Φεβρουαρίου 2014

Confidentiality in Reflexology, is there?

What a coincidence the Reflexologists name was "Fitzgerald"!
Anyway, do you agree or not with her selling the letters, and why?

March 3rd

Letters from Diana Princess of Wales written to her reflexologist Chryssie Fitzgerald have been sold for £19,400 at auction in Swindon. The letters were written during the period of her marriage breakdown and the first two years of her separation from the Prince of Wales. One of the letters, from October 1994 - sold for £3,300 - tells of her reaction to former Army Major James Hewitt's public revelation of their affair. She wrote: "Last week was the (underlined) toughest yet that I have had to face & I did everything I could to keep myself above water. When I came for my appointment I was in a total state of shock & very distressed about Hewitt's so called revelations - I never expected to hear on top all that about someone else's hatred for me & what accompanies those feelings. It hurt so (double underlined) much to hear from you, Chryssie, that Sarah found me a problem & that with everything else that was going on. Please remember something you said to me just last week 'Babs, you're on your own'. Today, I really feel that."