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Κυριακή, 2 Φεβρουαρίου 2014

Jailed for practising Reflexology

According to the membership network newsletter of Vertical Reflex Therapy (Lynne Booth - UK) No.36 winter 2014.

Once upon a time (early 80's) there was a woman reflexologist in Switzerland who was found guilty of practising Reflexology!
It was illegal!

She spent 21 days in a Swiss prison!

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Reflexology has come a long way, part of this way has been in court rooms around the world. Unfortunately there have been occasions where reflexologists have faced the court alone. Thankfully to these (unknown) reflexologists, to whom we express our gratitude, this does not happen that often now, and when it does experienced colleagues assist and especially through associations.

Our point (RiEN) is, it is not enough to act on your own as a Reflexologist. We encourage you to become a member of your local Association which is working for the good of Reflexology and Reflexologists.

Your favourite Facebook group is NOT an association and cannot act like one!

We know that occasionally people get diasapointed with their associations, but not participating is definetely not the answer.

Connect, get involved, together we are stronger!

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