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Κυριακή, 16 Νοεμβρίου 2014

The power of reflexology on children with special needs

I would like to share with you my reflexology therapy approach. My name is Lorraine Senior; I am a teacher with over twenty years’ experience and a qualified reflexologist. I would say that it is my extensive background of working with children with autism, ASD, neurological impairment, learning difficulties and complex health needs and their family’s combined with my experience as a qualified Reflexologist that helped me to create a simple but effective approach drawn from original reflexology theory and practice.
The approach uses non-invasive, safe and simple relaxation techniques involving the hand and foot delivered in a repetitive flowing routine that support the idea of Reflexology. The aim of the therapy is to induce relaxation, improve mood, relieve tension, and encourage social interaction, increase receptiveness and support individual well being. Providing reflexology therapy on a regular basis using FRT Approach has been seen to alleviate the stress and tension particularly in the moment and observation, reflection and evaluation by therapist and staff is ongoing with its continued and increasing use and development in school.

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