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Τετάρτη, 10 Μαΐου 2017

URGENT – respond to save charities providing complementary healthcare.

This one is over even before it began...

There is an army of volunteer reflexologists (as other CAM) in the UK. Now it seems they want all CAM volunteer therapists out of comission!
They want scientific proof, patient satisfaction is not enough.
The patients should be getting in on this. I have been proposing this approach for years without anyone listening or responding.

CNHC has received details of a consultation being carried out by the Charity Commission which is ‘reviewing its approach to registering as charities organisations which are established to use or promote complementary or alternative medicines..’
The question seems to be about the type of evidence the Charity Commission should accept when considering whether an organisation can have charitable status. Details on the government website state the following: ‘The Commission says that it must rely on evidence to be assured that there is public benefit, and the consultation focuses on the nature of evidence it should require of organisations using or promoting CAM that apply to register as charities.’
Complementary healthcare is provided by charities around the UK at hospices, Macmillan cancer centres, mental health charities such as Mind centres and many others so it is vitally important that the Commission receives robust responses from this sector.
CNHC will be responding to this consultation and we urge any organisation which provides access to complementary healthcare to respond, with details of public benefit. Research evidence will be extremely important in this case.
The consultation closes on 20 May at 12.00pm. Full details can be found here: