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Τετάρτη, 6 Απριλίου 2011

Νέοι νόμοι για τις ΣΕΘ στην Μαλαισία!

Διαβάσαμε εδώ, ότι από τον Ιούνιο θα περάσει ψήφισμα νόμος από την βουλή της Μαλαισίας όπου θα πρέπει να καταγράφονται οι θεραπευτές και θα τους αποδίδεται και πιστοποιητικό έγκυρου επαγγελματία μεταξύ άλλων - Certificate of Practice to practitioners. Massage rules being tightened Kota Kinabalu: Both massage therapists and centres that offer such services will be better regulated with the impending tabling of the Traditional & Complementary Medicine Act (TCM). The Act, which is expected to be tabled by the Minister Dato' Sri Liow Tiong Lai in Parliament in June, would make it mandatory for: - All masseuses, masseurs and therapists, both foreign and local, must be registered with the Health Ministry's TCM Division; - Centres must specify whether the services they provide relate to beauty, reflexology or traditional treatment. Beauty and reflexology cannot be combined and provided as a service under one roof. Εδώ διαβάζουμε για ένα ξενώνα περίθαλψης - hospice στην Ιρλανδία. Our Lady’s Hospice was one of the first cancer care centres to set up a department for complementary and creative arts therapies, in 1998. “It started with one of the Sisters of Charity offering aromatherapy to patients. Then other therapists offered treatments on a voluntary basis. Now we have three paid complementary therapists who offer reflexology, aromatherapy and therapeutic massage,” says Scully. Scully believes that complementary therapies can help cancer patients get back in touch with their bodies and emotions. “Those on a cancer journey can be taken over by their disease, their medication and their treatment programme, and complementary therapies can help them become present to their bodies and accept where they are,” she says. Geraldine Clare is the chief executive officer of the ARC cancer support centres in Eccles Street and, more recently, in South Circular Road, Dublin. The centres offer complementary therapies such as therapeutic massage, reflexology and relaxation, yoga, tai chi and mindfulness meditation classes on a drop-in basis.

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