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Παρασκευή, 24 Μαΐου 2013

Obituary – Pirjo Södermann - Sweden

A fantastic woman has taking her last journey!

Pirjo was that kind of a person you simply liked.
A highly respected reflexologist, well known in Scandinavia, Europe and around the world, has taking her l...ast journey of life. As, for many other people in the world, Cancer became the challenge she couldn’t fight.

Pirjo started to work with reflexology in 1994. A few years later, at the International Council of reflexologist’s conference in London 1997, we were a group of reflexologists who talked about establishing a Nordic and European Reflexology Education and Research Group. Pirjo became the coordinator of the education group and I got the pleasure of coordination the research activities.
During many years she had lots of meetings with reflexologists from around the world. Working side by side, we had the pleasure of listen, learning and taking part of the task to making reflexology grow as a profession, for the benefit of the clients.

If there is a person to be mention in future history books regarding reflexology, its Pirjo.

Especially - her work - in The Swedish Association “KroppsteraputernasYrkesförbund” - and - The Nordic, as well as the European Reflexology Network” (NRN and RiEN).
She was a wonderful colleague working – among many other things - with the project “ Reflexology Clients in Sweden”. The results of the study that were published at the respected ICCMR research conference in Chengdu, China 2011.
Pirjo knew what she wanted. Regarding to her job, she often said to me: “Security, Quality and Seriousness are my cornerstones”.

No words can describe Pirjos personality. She was always smiling, full of life and energy - with a deep respect for other people. No matter which country or which culture a person came from, Pirjo was simply that kind of person that always will be a part of you, some way or another. I´ll thank her dearly by heart for every second we have had together! She will always be part of my life and many others as well. Honor to her memory.

Leila Research adviser NRN and RiEN
May the 17th 2013