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Παρασκευή, 13 Μαΐου 2016

FREE Hippocratic Anatripsis training @ the 2016 Danaon Cup youth Handbal...

In March 2016 during the last seminar that took place at the Reflexology Academy in London I announced to the participants that I would extend to them an invitation of FREE training in Hippocratic Anatripsis.

Though the training is FREE you will have to pay for your travel expenses and accomodation, this will be your investment. The person (besides me) that will assist with accomodation and other matters will be Marilia Soulandrou, her e-mail adress is

You can participate if you have attended training in my courses at 
Natural Health Science
Kepansi Herakleio Crete
Reflexology Academy London

I promise you 5 days of knowledge in Hippocratic medicine, Greek history and a great vacation in the seaside town of Tolo Greece in the Peloponesse.
We will take care of young athletes, their escorts and some elite professional Handball players.

You better start looking into prices for plane tickets to Athens.
Hope to see you in June 20-25 2016