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Παρασκευή, 23 Δεκεμβρίου 2016

Doctors in Turkey are training in Reflexology!

Ever wonder what it would look like if physicians and physiothrapists were practicing reflexology? Have a look...

There is possibly only one more such example, that of Hanne Marquardt from Germany. I disagree with the way respected Mrs. Marquardt proceeded in her country. I am speaking of the demarcation she has caused between "medical" and "non medical" reflexologists in Germany.

This I took extra care NOT to repeat.
I will make every effort to contribute in taking reflexology exactly where it deserves to belong.

To everyone!

Reflexology is a therapy with much potential, otherwise I cannot explain how a simple Greek reflexologist can travel to offer a reflexology course in Turkey to a group of excellent 11 physicians and 3 physiotherapists.

I am also very happy that my hypotheses regarding the physiology behind reflexology (Orthopedic reflexology approach) were heard and caused interest, hopefully further in depth examination.

We will see...

Attending the course were 
1 Medical Practitioner
1 Anesthesiology doctor
1 neurology doctor
1 rheumatology doctor-Prof
7 PT&R doctor
3 PT