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Παρασκευή, 23 Δεκεμβρίου 2016

Once again, "there is a new truth in town".

Put simply... in a recent publication in Science the sacral neurons have been reassigned to sympathetic
motor neurons in the thoracic cord and not with the parasympathetic motor neurons in the hindbrain.
Last paragraph states " is a continuous struggle to best approximate the truths of the natural world"
(...but reflexology and CAM is still nonsense and not science)

I imagine my mentor Nico Pauly of Nerve Reflexology and some of his reknowned students/tutors, as myself are feeling kind of awkward right now...
What does this mean for us the reflexologists?
Two things, first if you have read Peter Lund's article about stress or you have trained in NR the map's have to change and so does some of the theory behind them. Or maybe all along it was all about intention, so it does not make any difference...?

Second, If you have read my presentation from the last ICR conference, this reassigning of the sacral neurons today, verifies what I stated in my presentation...

How are we to prove how reflexology works, we being "quacks", when "scientists" are changing the rules of the game, ...meaning they are still learning how the body is working.
And they want ME the simple reflexologist to prove it...
Keep the faith
- Spiros

Nico Pauly commented as follows:
To continue the discussion on the new findings of the sympathetic sacral outflow the main thing to remind is that weather a neurotranamission is called parasympathetic or sympathetic depends wether the receptor to Ach is muscarine or nicotine. Nicotine is find in the ganglia of the presynaptic neurons of the S system (para and preverteebral and organs). The postsynaptic neurons use noradrenaline with Alfa-beta receptors. The postganglionic neurons of the PS use muscarine to bind Ach. In the pelvic organs the postganglionic receptor is muscarine and thus classified as PS. There are 2 exceptions where the S system uses Ach in stead of noradrenaline. Sweat glands and the adrenal medulla. For the adrenal medula there are no ganglia. It a direct Ach transport to chromafine cells in the medula which release adrenaline (80 procent) and noradrenaline (20 procent) Maybe the new findings in the research forces us to accept a 3th exception. It is still confusing but anyway NR points or other reflexology will not change the type of receptors.