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Σάββατο, 26 Μαρτίου 2011

Ugandan Government Bans Reflexology Treatment‎

We read here, and here that the government of Uganda banned on Thursday March 24th all Reflexology Treatments in the country! All Reflexology centers closed and all Reflexology advertisements on TV, radio, newspapers halted!‎

It seems the situation had gotten out of hand with numerous non-qualified practitioners offering reflexology and promising cures for chronic diseases and at the same time charging a lot of money! There where reports that "Reflexologists" where giving blood tests and using stethoscopes. The picture on the right is of Goodrich Muteguya President of the Reflexologist Association of Uganda (URAU), also owner of Αlleluia Reflexology and Nutritional Centre, I love his suit, very convincing isn't it.

This is not something that has come out of the blue, there have been articles since October, read here and here , that where ringing alarm bells.

But who was listening or should have been, maybe the International Council of Reflexologists could have played a positive and beneficial role here, but what exactly is their role, I mean besides organizing (promotional) conferences! Ouch, sorry about that.

What is truly scary, considering the Reflexology BOOM over there - and Reflexology centers opening like mushrooms, advertisements etc. - is the possibility that they where actually doing a great job, thus causing "problems" to the Health Ministry.

Another thing of interest is how did Reflexology begin in Uganda? Read the story here. I am curious as to how the nurse - Betsy Keating who introduced our method to Uganda with her best intention feels about these developements?

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