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Τετάρτη, 17 Αυγούστου 2016

Joseph Corvo

In my practice in recent years ,and again last week with a new wonderful female client of 85 years of age, told me that they were treated by reflexologist/zone therapist, the famous and legendary Joseph Corvo. They all report the same, and with raised eyebrows and with a passion exclaim "he is amazing...and it really works (reflexology) ... my God it was painful"...My client told me last week , "yes he used a probe (stick) ...and I had to tell him to ease up...but my goodness it worked like magic." I remember Tony Porter , my teacher telling me stories about Joe,... hearing these stories is fascinating. Apparently Joseph , now well into his 90's is still in practice - awesome. Maybe I will go and seek him out 

"The whole idea," he explains, "is that the body works on electro-magnetic lines - if you can imagine lines of electricity flowing down from your head to your feet. Terminal nerve endings are in all extremities of the body: feet, hands, face, ears, head. Pressure-point massage on these areas releases electro- magnetic pulses throughout the body. These forces act with regenerating powers in glands and organs, upon whose efficiency our health"
Joseph Corvo
"Corvo says he inherited his powers as a natural healer from his mother. He recalls, aged seven, putting his hands on people with pains. ....."It wouldn't matter what kind of complaint it was, I simply put my hands over the area. My mother was a healer and I found I had the gift too," he said.
For more information on the above quotes and an article "Pain-free hangovers at your fingertips" see link
Joseph Corvo well renowned to be one of the world’s leading zone therapists who adopts Dr. Fitzgerald’s theory and is in practice today. He has worked on some of the most high profile clients from the film and media industry as well as politicians and royalty. It is said that Princess Diana received three treatments each week from Joseph Corvo. He also authored seven zone therapy books.
Discretion does not allow him to reveal which members of the royal family he numbers among his clients...however it is known:
1985 -National Inquirer reports that Prince Charles is hooked on reflexology therapy, which involves clearing the body’s 10 vertical energy channels by massaging different areas of the feet.
1997-Newsweek reports that Princess Diana has foot reflexology three times a week.
1998-Ladies Home Journal reports that the Duchess of York, Sarah Ferguson, is a client of Joseph Corvo, practitioner of the “so-called discipline of zone therapy”. The treatment involves massaging fifteen specific nerve endings on the face, which are said to revitalize eleven areas of the body
picture: Joseph Corvo demonstrates one of his techniques