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tattoo's acupuncture

Mechanism of Arch support
• Shape: Wedge shaped. Central stone as keystone.
• Staples: Inferior edges of the stones are tied together.
• Tie beam: connecting the ends to prevent separation of
pillars and sagging of the arch.
• Suspension bridge: Multiple supports suspending the arch
from the cable above the level of bridge.
Maintenance of the arches
• Medial: Shape (key stone-talus)
Staples: Plantar ligaments, Tendon of tibialis posterior
Tie beam: Plantar aponeurosis, flexor dig. brevis,
abductor hallucis, flexor hallucis longus, flexor dig. Longus, flexor hallucis brevis
Suspension arch: Tibialis anterior, post. And medial ligaments of ankle joint.
Maintenance of the arches
• Lateral: Shape (key stone-cuboid)
Staples: Long and short plantar ligaments, short muscles of foot.
Tie beam: Plantar aponeurosis, abductor digiti minimi, flexor dig. brevis &flexor dig. longus (lateral part)
Suspension arch: peroneus longus and brevis.
Maintenance of the arches
• Transverse: Shape Wedge shape cuneiforms & bases of metatarsals.
Staples: deep transverse ligaments, plantar ligaments, short muscles of foot (dorsal introssei & adductor hallucis.
Tie beam: Tendon of peroneus longus
Suspension arch: peroneus longus and brevis.

Once I saw this picture I remembered the name "Kunlun mountains". it's a shame that the tatoo is not exactly where the acupuncture point is.
It is still a good visual to remember though.

UB 60 Clinical Uses

Main point for pain anywhere along the spine
Main point for chronic low back pain a/or problems of pain a/or numbness in the lower limbs.
Main point for headache and other excesses effecting the head.
Induce labor or promote discharge of a retained placent.